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Situated in Hertfordshire between the towns of Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City and home to around 80,000 people lies the town of Stevenage.

During the late 40's Stevenage was designated the country's very first New Town and, because of this, it grew massively in the post-war years.

Unfortunately, some of the architecture that was put up in this period now looks very dated, but a planned program of widespread urban redevelopment looks to rectify this problem. Those with an interest in local history would do well to visit The Stevenage Museum, which houses many fascinating relics.

One thing you notice almost immediately about Stevenage is how very green it is as a town - avenues of maple trees line many of the streets, great swathes of immaculate parkland are dotted around the town and there are miles of scenic country and ancient woodland in easy reach, too.

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